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Hand operated mortar sprayer well known all over the world
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The Moustic : the only true Hand operated mortar sprayer
Manufactured with care and using the best material, we are proud to offer a total one-year warranty. All spare parts are available.
This machine used by bricklayers and also by DIY amateurs is ecological, economical, reliable and efficient.

We give a full one year warranty (except wearing parts) and all the spare parts to maintain your machine are available in stock.



maisonThe roughcast is essential with the house health. This coating constitutes the top coat of masonries. Its function consists in protecting the building against the bad weather while supporting the gaseous exchange with outside, but it also gives to the frontages a quality of aspect and color by its properties to reflect the light. It ensures a phonic and thermal protection.

A decoration tool which may be used by all to obtain the most attractive roughcasts very easily, from the finest to the most varied by project of cement, mortars and ready-mixes.

The Locked Trigger® process inside our machines :
Rotor and Locked Trigger®

Inside a housing, there is a rotor (see the drawing) fitted with stainless steel blades (called "peignes®"). At a certain moment during rotation, these blades are tensed backwards by an adjustable buffer, then, continuing the rotation, these blades are suddenly released and hit a stop device located on the rotor.

The purpose of this action is to send the material out of the machine accurately in millions of drops.

Using this Locked Trigger® principle, it is possible to make very attractive roughcasts of outstanding quality.




Fleche Measure half by half approximately, i.e. half sand and half lime or cement.
Sieve using sieve n° 12 or thiner and preferably use light sands. Consistency liquid mortar, approximately a half centimetre thickness on the trowel.

Fleche Project the first layer face on, lay on sufficiently to cover the bottom.
If it is desired to make the grain larger, project the following layers from the side, i.e. by directing the machine at 45° in relation to the wall, once to the left, the following pass to the right, such that the millions of drops of cement attach to the grain points, making it larger.

Fleche Choose a given surface for each load, and project by moving the machine continuously, regularly and quietly rotating the crank at a rate of approximately one turn per second. No spécial effort is needed.

Fleche In order to dye fine speckled effects it is preferable to colour the product before application.
To do so, add oxide pigments into the dry mix (sand and cement) and preferably use white cement as a binder.

Fleche MAINTENANCE : The machine is cleaned using a simple water jet, nothing else is required.


Moustic Nomenclaturezoom

A. Metal roller complete - Ref.91000070

B+C. Complete trip bar - Ref.91000030

D. Cogged quadrant - Ref.91000290

E. Trip bar adjuster- Ref.91000350

F. Stainless steel comb x20 - Ref.91000075

G. Complete crank - Ref.91000040

H. Metal bush - Ref.91000045

I. Rubber flange - Ref.91000050